Packing struggles but…

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…looking forward a lot to my next vacation – finally. Yes, I am going on vacation this Sunday and will travel somewhere abroad, at least if everything goes well, but at the moment it looks like it will be the case. This vacation was already planned long time ahead, before Coronavirus was turning everything upside down. 

And nowadays, it seems that I will be possible to travel there. So we said we are taking the chance since we have everything booked and try to enjoy some summer vacation. For sure it will be a different one, different from other vacations and different than expected. But most probably unique and a special vacation to remember. 

Speaking about remembering, I am packing my suitcase for the next vacation but at the same time I am thinking back to all the travel experiences I was able to made already. Especially after this lockdown and staying at home for months, I appreciate even more that I usually can travel a lot and get to know a lot of new wonderful places and interesting people. It’s for sure most related with my job and a combination of business and leisure but it’s fun and exciting anyways. 

So with these pictures I will show you some wonderful memories of some of my past travel experiences to make me look forward even more to the upcoming vacation and to increase my motivation for packing my suitcase. Because believe me, that’s what I hate most about traveling. I am always struggling with what and how much to pack and in the end I will pack too much anyways. Which might will cause problems at the airport with checking in too heavy luggage or carrying around too heavy bags. 

Anyways, I won’t complain, because it’s only a very little downside. So can you guess where I am traveling to?

Take care & write you soon…



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