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…snow workout! Don’t you agree? Well, it might cost quite an effort to go for a little workout session outdoor when there is snow of one meter and it’s freezing cold outside. But to me, going into the snow is fun, always. No matter if it’s only for hiking or even running or a funny snowball fight.

Moreover, bad or uncomfortable weather conditions are not an excuse for not doing sports at all. At least not for me, since it’s my lifestyle. I am that kind of person who always needs to do something. If I have two or three days off from sports, I am starting to get grumpy. Because working out has something relaxing for me. I know it might sound weird, but while doing so I can shut down all my thoughts about work, life and so on and just focus on my training.

And also in the nature and even in the snow you have so many different kinds of sport you can practice. For example just going for a run and enjoying the beautiful snowed landscape, doing some exercises with your own bodyweight or practice some yoga in the snow. Or for the lazier ones of you – just do some snow angels. While doing so you are working out your legs and arms through the resistance of the snow.

However, the most important thing when it comes to outdoor sports in winter is to dress accordingly. And I am not speaking about fashion this time but more functional clothing and of course this can be fashionable as well. Just make sure you are wearing enough layers to keep you warm and don’t forget to cover neck, ears and hands. And the advantage with layers is you can take it off and on to regulate your heat balance.

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