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…what to wear when arriving at a fancy luxury hotel or even staying there. Most people feel uncomfortable when being in a chic five-star hotel and I so often hear the question what to wear when walking around there or even when going out for dinner or have a drink in their lobby or bar. 

First of all, don’t overthink too much. It’s only a hotel and they welcome all guests with the same kindliness and attention and they are more than pleased to make the best out of your stay. I know the sayings like «you are what you wear» or «dress to impress». It might be somewhen true but not everywhere and anytime. It’s definitely not all about how to dress but of course you are requested to follow some simple rules. 

In general, I would recommend to wear neat and clean clothing. That can be everything from nice jeans with a polo-shirt or shirt to a chic suit. You can also combine some chino pants with a turtleneck sweater and a blazer on top, like I did this time. It’s very stylish and fashionable at the same time and totally suitable to spend time in such a beautiful hotel. With the shoes you can dress from neat sneakers up to formal shoes. I just wouldn’t recommend some flipflops or sandales except for the hot summer days. Of course for ladies it’s a different story. But I am speaking mostly for men with my recommendations here. 

Overall, just dress what feels comfortable to you and make sure to rather follow a business casual style than only a casual one. And check if there are some dress codes for certain restaurants, mainly in the evenings, the might have some special dress code requirements. But this is most probably long pants for gentleman or might even be a blazer. Very rarely they’re asking for tie. 

So as you can see, it’s not too difficult be well dressed for a luxury hotel. And in any case, with a nice chino and a dress shirt you can never go wrong and you are always dressed properly.

Therefore, enjoy your next fashionable hotel destination!

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