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…or what to wear to celebrate the New Year. Well, it might be not really celebrating this year, or at least not celebrating like we are used to do it. 2020 – what a year! A year we won’t forget that easily. A year our children or grandchildren will still speak about. A year which will make its place in human history. 

2020 is a year that has shown us that even small things in life that we took for granted are just not self-evident. A quick handshake with a business partner, an intimate hug from friends, dining out with a large group of friends, traveling the world on a whim, or dancing to good music at a festival. Things, we usually took for granted have become a distant memory. But at the same time it showed us to value those little things in life. To appreciate what we still have and to stand together to make the world a better place. 

We will overcome this pandemic, we will get back to our normal lives sooner or later. Because we human are strong, if we are all united and pull in the same direction. It needs the contribution of everyone. And hopefully, when this is all over, we shall not forget to appreciate the little things. 

But now enough of the philosophical part. We can still celebrate the end of the year and welcome a hopefully better 2021. And even though it will be a different celebration, we have to make the best out of it, on a smaller scale but not less glamorous. The same applies for the festive fashion. I mean we could still dress up fancy for a home party, for example with a nice suit and bow-tie or a cool shirt, if you are in the mood to do so, of course.

Or a more cozy outfit, if you prefer that. I am kind of both types depending on the occasion and the venue. But most probably if I am celebrating at home, I’d go for a more cozy outfit than a suit unless it is a theme party. But with a nice blue jeans and a cozy sweater I am ready to welcome the New Year. To welcome a year in which I am hopefully able to travel more again, to meet more people and to hug more often. 

Because in the end we all need our social lives, being together and creating amazing memories. Together – not alone

Casual Outfit: Zalando
Elegant Outfit: Zalando

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