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…or how to dress-up stylish when you are not wearing much at all. The summer has definitely arrived here in Zurich and temperatures are rising above 30 degrees Celsius on a regular basis. The best you can do now, you got it, refresh yourself with jumping into the lake or pool, to cool down. 

And by doing so, you most probably don’t wear much. But just don’t think you don’t need to care about what you are wearing to go for a swim. Even though we don’t wear much when we are chilling at the lake or at the beach, we still can be dressed up very stylish. So get rid of your old, faded swimwear and style a new outfit. 

Even more, because also in swim wear, trends are changing and we can see this year, it is switching again from very classy and monochrome swim shorts to rather fancy ones with brighter colors and exciting patterns. But don’t go too much for the flowered versions, they’re still pretty old fashioned and have had the best years for now. But rather go for some funny and fancy prints. Such as ice creams (like my swim shorts on the pictures, which I love a lot btw) or some fruits like watermelon, pineapple, kiwi, strawberry or peach. Or why not with some comic heroes or any other fun stuff. But just make sure it doesn’t look to childish and still go for a nice cut. I prefer short ones with a good fit over the loose and oversized ones.  

And then of course it’s about the accessories. Have a nice bag to tuck your clothes and towel away. And don’t forget about flipflops. Also here, don’t think they’re just flipflops. You can go very stylish here too. A nice matching t-shirt or tank top, picking up a color of your swim shorts, and stylish sunglasses and I think you’re all set to shine at the lake, beach, pool or wherever you can go swimming.

And if you want to see more about swimwear trends, don’t miss the IGTV which will come up by the end of next week on my Instagram channel.

Outfit: Zalando

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