Nespresso – the most wonderful festive time…

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…of the year is here! The festive season - the season of giving love and giving presents. It’s the time to be thankful for what you have, to appreciate the little things in life. The time to spend precious hours in peace and harmony with your family and friends. 

And to surprise your loved ones with special gifts. I personally prefer giving presents over receiving them, but only if I know that I got the right one for them. And then I am even more excited until they will unwrap the present than when I have a gift to unwrap for myself. I love seeing the happy faces of my loved ones when they get something they deeply have wished for or even better when they get unexpectedly surprise by the right gift. 

Giving presents doesn’t mean that they have to be the most expensive and luxury ones. It’s about the gesture, about showing some love, showing them that you care about their wishes, their needs and that you understand them, that you know them, that you have a personal connection with them and exactly know what they would be happy about. 

I know, finding the right presents might not be always that easy. And I have to admit, that also to me it is sometimes quite annoying to search for the perfect gift when you don’t have a clue what to buy or make. But then rather make something personal, a hand-written letter, a photo collage or something that shows the special connection between you or something you have in common. 

Such as high-quality coffee for example? If you have coffee lovers among your friends you need to make a present for, then it got a whole lot easier with the new Nespresso VARIATIONS ITALIA LIMITED EDITION coffee range. This Festive coffee range with its three flavours got inspired by Italy. The country where coffee has a long tradition and where it belongs to the daily life to almost everyone there. So they know how to enjoy it in the best way. 

And the new Nespresso VARIATIONS ITALIA LIMITED EDITION coffee range is a fusion between Italian flavours and sweet specialties. Here are the brand-new Nespresso flavours which are perfect for the festive season: 

  • Variations Italia Amaretti Flavour
  • Variations Italia Pecan Biscotti Flavour
  • Il Caffè

The Variations Italia Amaretti Flavour and Variations Italia Pecan Biscotti Flavour are for the ones who like smoother cereal notes and sweeter coffee and the Il Caffè for people with a stronger coffee preference. My personal favorite among these three new flavours is the Variations Italia Amaretti Flavour, simply because I love Amaretti biscuits and Nespresso’s high-quality coffee. And these two together is just heaven. 

That’s why I have a simple recipe for you for a tasty CAFFÈ AMARETTI: 


  • Nespresso Variations Italia Amaretti Flavour (230ml)
  • Full cream (100ml)
  • White or brown sugar (4g, optional)

1. Prepare in a Vertuo Mug a coffee Variations Italia Amaretti Flavour
2. Pour the cold cream into the barista milk frother (up to the lower mark)or the mixer to whip the cream.
3. Add a white or brown sugar stick (optional).
4. If you are using the Nespresso barista milk frother, close the lid, select the recipe "Espresso Con Panna" recipe and press the Start button.
5. Then pour in the whipped cream to the coffee using a plastic or wooden spoon.

It’s so easy made and makes every cold day to a better and more cozy one. And if you know me, you know, that I can’t start a day without a good coffee in the mornings. 

What’s your favorite coffee creation?

Coffees: Nespresso Variations Italia Limited Edition

Take care & write you soon…



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