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...or everything that the forest and nature have to offer in terms of inspiration. Who does not know it from earlier when you played easily and happily in the forest as a child. At least I then felt really connected with nature and could simply enjoy a carefree time. Nature gives you so much if you are only aware of it and, above all, take the time to go out into it. 

Nespresso thought the same and was inspired by the wonders of nature, or rather the treasures found in the forest, for its latest coffee treat. And just in time for the festive season, Nespresso is launching a "Limited Edition Nespresso Gifts of the Forest", which decapsulates the taste of the forest and brings it to your cup, along with accessories inspired by the beauties of the forest, designed by renowned fashion designer Johanna Ortiz. 

The "Limited Edition Nespresso Gifts of the Forest" in the Vertuo range is available in 3 different flavors: 

  • Forest Black (Limited Edition)
  • Forest Fruit Flavour (Limited Edition)
  • Forest Almond Flavour (Limited Edition)

And as you know me, I not only drink the delicious coffee but also try out matching recipes every now and then. And I have for you a delicious forest-inspired recipe "The Forager". 

The following ingredients are needed for it: 

Required utensils: 

  • 1 Vertuo Mug
  • 1 cream whipper for whipped cream

Here's how easy it is to prepare: 

  1. Put 5 g of Chaga powder and 50 ml of boiling water in a cream blender with a capacity of 300 ml. Mix and leave to infuse for 10 minutes.
  2. Then add 250 ml of liquid cream and place a cartridge in the cream blender. Shake vigorously. 
  3. Pour 10 ml of maple syrup into a Vertuo Mug. 
  4. Then extract 230 ml of Forest Black coffee on top. 
  5. Pour whipped cream over the coffee.
  6. Garnish with a white or brown mushroom and sprinkle with some fresh dill.

So quickly you have a great wintry coffee creation, perfect for the cozy and cozy holiday season. 

And the best for last: with the "Limited Edition Nespresso Gifts of the Forest", Nespresso has also made a commitment to contribute to the protection of 10 million trees in the Amazon Rainforest by partnering with Conservation International.  

So you can get in the mood for Christmas with a delicious coffee.

What do you consider to be part of a wonderful pre-Christmas season?

Coffee: Limited Edition Nespresso Gifts of the Forest

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