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…and if you know me, you also know that I could enjoy a brunch anytime. I am a so called brunch lover. To be honest, it’s the most favorite things to do when it comes to eating. I just love to sit down to the breakfast table on a sunny morning without feeling stressed to eat, having time to taste all the delicious things a brunch has to offer, drinking a cup of coffee or two or three. And just having a calm and easy start into the day, without a sense of time. This is pure bliss for me. 

There is only one thing that could top it, if I can share the brunch with friends. Sharing is caring and the pleasure doubles or triples when you share it with others, doesn’t it? I love to invite friends over to my place and prepare many delicacies like scrambled eggs with tomato, zucchini, cheese and mushrooms or fresh croissants or the typical Swiss Sunday bread “Zopf”. What can’t be missing is a fresh and fruity “Birchermüesli” also very Swiss. So the question just popped into my head, is brunching just a Swiss thing? No, I don’t think so, but we especially love it.

Despite all these brunch delicacies, one thing must not be missing, because without that it is not a real brunch: Really good coffee! No matter in what size or variation, you know for a good coffee I only trust Nespresso, for years already. Of course, I am also happy to share my delicious coffee with my friends.

This became a lot easier since Nespresso just launched a brand-new coffee machine – the Nespresso Vertuo Next  - and a new exclusive coffee, the “Carafe Pour-Over Style”. With just one coffee capsule I can fill a carafe (535ml) full of delicious coffee and share it with my friends. This is so cool, isn’t it? And it’s just perfect for a brunch with my family & friends. 

Besides this new serving size, with the Nespresso Vertuo Next I can prepare my coffee just as I like at the touch of just one button. Thanks to the unique Nespresso Centrifusion™ technology, the fully automatic system recognizes the capsule as well as the serving size and adjusts the extraction parameters to brew and create my coffee in the right temperature with a delicious crema. No matter if it’s an Espresso in the morning, a big carafe for the brunch, a Double espresso after lunch, an Alto on the go, a Gran Lungo to relax in my hammock on the balcony or any other of the 6 different serving sizes. With this machine I can enjoy my favorite coffee anyway I like, whatever the moment.

With the Nespresso Vertuo Next machine I can brew coffee in 6 different sizes, such as: 

  • Carafe (535ml)
  • Alto (414ml)
  • Mug (213ml)
  • Gran Lungo (150ml)
  • Double Espresso (80ml)
  • Espresso (40ml) 

and I can choose between more than 25 different high quality coffees: 

  • 1 blend for carafe with the new Carafe Pour-Over Style
  • 2 blends for Alto size
  • 14 blends or single origins for Mug size
  • 5 blends or single origins for Gran Lungo size
  • 3 blends for Double Espresso size
  • 4 blends for Espresso size

And all this just at the touch of one button. The machine is so innovative, flexible and versatile, which is perfect in a world which is fast-moving and constantly changing and coffee preferences are varying too. 

Good to know that I am very well equipped to create the best coffee for every moment. And even more, I will enjoy the slow and cozy mornings with a delicious brunch and coffee, with or without friends.

What about you? Brunch and coffee lover, too? Then test the new Nespresso Vertuo Next coffee machine now. 

Coffee machine: Nespresso Vertuo Next
Coffee: Nespresso Vertuo Selection

Take care & write you soon…



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