Nespresso Barista Creations – discovering my Latte Art skills…

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…or my barista skills in general. As you know, I am a coffee lover through and through. A day without a coffee is a wasted day. No, but to be honest, a coffee in the morning is a must to start the day right. You know this feeling, don’t you?

How do you drink your coffee?

And I also have to admit, that I preferably love to drink my coffee with milk – all different kinds of milk. From cow milk over healthier options to vegan ones. I like to try out new things and discover new tastes. However, so far, when drinking my coffee at home, I just drank it as a regular black coffee, no milk no nothing. And you know why? Just because I didn’t know about my barista skills and I haven’t had the tools to develop my abilities yet.

It’s latte o’clock

Luckily, that changed with the my new Nespresso Vertuo coffee machine and the brand new Nespresso Barista Creations which are coffee capsules specially designed to blend perfectly with milk. It got inspired and researched by the world’s finest baristas to create the perfect mixture to get the best taste out of the coffee when blended with milk.

This is life changing for me, you know that? Because I don’t have to abstain from a delicious latte in the mornings at home. No more waiting until I am in a coffee shop to get my favorite coffee drink. And what more? It makes so much fun trying out different types of coffees and creating the perfect harmony of coffee and milk. 

How to create your own perfect latte?

And creating your own latte is pretty easy and there is a lot of room of individual scope. The most important decision to make regarding your personal latte is the choice of the milk of course since it covers the biggest amount of your drink. For you and because I love to try out new things and flavors, I tested 3 different kinds of milk that goes with the new Nespresso Barista Creations to figure out their differences. See below what I found out about the different types of milk: 

Almond milk

  • easily foamable
  • nutty sweet taste
  • richest in fat, more than cow milk but less carbs
  • sweet option for the coffee without artificial sweeteners

High protein / low fat milk

  • creamy
  • very well foamable
  • taste similar to cow milk, slightly sweeter
  • lowest fat, most protein, carbs as much as cow milk

Cow milk

  • very creamy
  • very well foamable
  • best taste of coffee in combination with the milk
  • less sweet taste than with low fat milk
  • richest in carbs

After trying out these 3 different milk options, my favorite one is definitely the high protein/low fat milk for the best and healthiest coffee experience and real taste. But the other ones are reasonable options as well.

Now having decided the milk option I want, I am going to foam up the chosen milk in the milk foamer because I have to pour in the milk first, before adding the coffee. If you want to create a latte macchiato make sure to pour in almost ¾ of the glass with the milk or as much as you prefer according to your own personal taste. Then choose either the Barista Creations Bianco Leggero for a a less strong coffee or the Barista Creations Bianco Forte for a stronger one and let the Nespresso Vertuocoffee blend in perfect harmony with your milk. 

To finish, I like to top my coffee with some chocolate powder, coconut crisps or even some chocolate chips to round of my coffee creation, like a real barista. 

How much barista do you have inside?

Coffee: Nespresso Barista Creations

Take care & write you soon...



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