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I love to have the opportunity to get away from time to time. Kind of a sweet escape from the routine and the daily life to dive into new and unknown water. I’ve enjoyed some of the best days in this year so far on this beautiful white island: Mykonos.

And I’m back full of energy. Or well, more or less. A bloody food intoxication caught me during the last few days. However, I’m back on track now and ready for the upcoming months and bunch of cool projects, which are coming along.

With all the great memories I’ve made during this vacation, I’ve also got a pocketful of sunshine with me. The summer here in Zurich was awesome; there was not really a need to get away, as you’ve had a great end of summer, too. So, I’m excited to see how the late summer and fall are going to be.

Moreover, inspired of this magical white island I’ve styled a cool later summer outfit in all-white, or at least almost all-white. I’ve combined cool white sneakers with slim-fit ripped jeans and a bright beige-colored t-shirt. For the colder summer nights, you can just add a perfect matching light sweater in sand color.

With this outfit, it is even easier to keep the sunshine in your pocket even when the days are getting colder again.

I’m not sure yet what the next destination will be, but it may lead me to the beach and to other cities pretty soon again. Job-related, obviously.

Take care & write you soon…



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