Mykonos – is always a good idea…

se signature style - the blog by Steven Epprecht least for me. I absolutely love this white island and it’s probably one of my favorite destinations on this planet. But what makes it so special? That’s a good questions indeed.

Is it the special atmosphere on the island? Is it the many nice beaches Mykonos offers? Or is it the idyllic old town with its narrow alleys? Or the fancy restaurants and the delicious food? The friendly and welcoming Greek people? Or just the combination of all this aspects. Most probably that’s the case. 

It’s just a special flair and I can feel it already right when arriving at the small but cute airport in Mykonos. And then driving  down to town in a rental car immediately creates a vacation mood and it’s like a feeling of coming home. It was my fifth time in Mykonos this year and I still have the same feeling or even a stronger one. 

But clearly, this year was a little different to the other years. It was more relaxed, less crowded and more time and space to discover even more places and hidden spots of this beautiful island. Then despite being there for many times already, I still discovered some beautiful and fancy restaurants and beaches. 

So here’s a list of my favorite spots to go or discover: 


  • Meating (delicious food & nice atmosphere, in town, for dinner)
  • Interni (beautiful location, in town, for dinner)
  • Spilia (at the sea, stunning view and delicious sea food dishes, for lunch)
  • Buddha Bar (at the sea, delicious Asian food, for dinner)
  • Nikos Taverna (typical Greek food & atmosphere, in town, for dinner)
  • Alemagou (beautiful venue and great food, at the beach, for dinner)


  • Elia Beach (crystal clear water and sandy beach)
  • Spilia Beach (fancy beach with a delicious restaurant)
  • Scorpios Beach (beautiful beach venue with good restaurant and great sunset spot)
  • Superparadise Beach (clear blue water, different beach clubs)
  • Nammos Beach (beautiful beach club and clear blue water           

Sightseeing / Photo spots: 

  • Windmills (landmark)
  • Little Venice (cute area in old town right at the sea)
  • Old Town (shopping, strolling, cafés and restaurants)
  • Old Harbor (restaurants, gelaterias, cafés)
  • 180 Sunset Bar (stunning sunset view, great food & drinks)

Take care & write you soon…



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