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Hello guys! I just came back from another job in Germany. I’m always happy, when I get the opportunity to travel and I appreciate this part of my job. As my time schedule is quite full, I'm focusing on a convenient start into the day. This is why I’ve always got my daily grooming routine. Next to a healthy breakfast and reading the news, I need some time in the bathroom – even if it's a short moment.

Below I am going to explain my daily routine and reveal some of my beauty secrets when it comes to men’s grooming:

  1. After the shower my skin is always a bit dry. Therefore I apply some moisturizing body lotion.
  2. To wake up quickly I wash and refresh my face with water.
  3. I trim my beard on its right length (in my case it’s almost 2.6mm to get the 3-days-stubble-look).
  4. I apply some beard oil to make my beard smooth and easy to shave the contours.
  5. To reduce eye wrinkles and dark circles I use an anti-aging eye cream.
  6. This is the best part. Since I travel a lot and often don’t get enough sleep but still need to have a fresh look I use a face moisturizer. And to get the freshness-kick I put 2-3 drops of this energy booster into the face cream and apply it on my skin.
  7. Finally, it's time for my hair. I usally take a hair wax, because it’s the best choice to style my hair the right way without having the look of over-done and still keep it natural.

However, it all depends on the things I’ve got to do during a day. I personally do prefer a 2-3 days break when it comes to shaving. Not because I’m lazy but I just don’t like to look like a baby face.

See the photos and video to get an impression how my daily morning routine looks like.

Grooming products: Clarins Switzerland

Take care & write you soon…



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