Music is the key…

Earphones: Sudio

…to happiness. Is it just a casual saying or really the truth? Well, to me music makes me very happy, most of the time at least. Of course there are also moments where music makes you sad or better said, you are going to listen to sad music when you are not in a good mood. And especially in this case you rather listen to some feel-good sound since sad songs are going to intensify your bad feelings even more. But I know, it’s easier said and it just feels good in that specific moment to wallow in self-pity.

However speaking about the positive sides of music I can say that it’s a constant companion in my daily life. Almost at every occasion I enjoy listening to good music and I don’t really have a specific genre what I like most. This varies from the place and time and of course it depends on my mood. For instance, when I am at the gym doing my work out, I love to listen to house and techno music. I really need this powerful music in order to get the maximum out of my body. On the other side, I love enjoying some relaxing acoustic singer/songwriter music when I am at home on a calm evening. While traveling or driving around in the car I often listen to chart tracks played in the radio.

Also at shootings it’s important for me to listen to good sound. It simply boosts the mood on set and gives a good feeling while posing for the camera. If there is good music on set I can feel that the spirit of the whole crew is way better and everybody starts singing and dancing.

Well, saying everybody, basically meaning myself. And yes, I have to admit that in my dreams I see myself as a famous singer performing on a big stage in front of thousands of people. Too bad I am not praised with a good voice. So no worries, I am not going to start that kind of career.

Earphones: Sudio

Take care & write you soon…



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