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…to discover another beautiful city. Well, it’s not the first time in one of Germany’s most beautiful cities, I’ve visited the city in the south already many times. However, it’s always nice to travel there and to discover new places and sights every time I am there. 

This time, the purpose of my trip was business-related, as usual. But we were there to attend a meeting for a new cool project that might come up soon. I will keep you posted anyways, as you know me. 

But speaking about city trips, I love to travel a different city for a weekend or so. It’s the perfect getaway from your daily life. Well for me it’s often combined with some work though, but I also make sure to have some spare time to relax. That’s very important. Especially in these hectic and busy lifes where everyone needs to be online and available 24/7. But that’s another topic I’ve talked about it already a few times. 

Going back to the city trip. I love to do some touristic sight seeing when being in another city but I love even more to discover hidden places recommended by locals. Thanks to my community I always get some nice recommendations and advices from you guys when I am traveling to a new city. That’s such a cool thing I appreciate a lot. 

So let’s keep sharing the love and discovering even more beautiful places in the world. 

Take care & write you soon...



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