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...or where to go to color-up your life. A little bit outside of the city center of Cape Town there is this beautiful beach-side village called Muizenberg situated on the coast of False Bay. It is famous for its long white sandy beach and considered to be the birthplace of surfing in South Africa. 

But what’s even more famous and on almost every picture taken by tourists or instagrammers are the colored beach houses along the coast. Well it definitely brightens up every single picture and also the mood of everyone, too. It is definitely worth to pay Muizenberg a visit. The historic little old town with its local shops and cafe is just so pretty and strolling along the beach, feeling the wind in your hair and watching the surfers catching the waves, feels like freedom to me. 

There are also some good local restaurants to go for a delicious lunch at a reasonable price. And then you just can spend the afternoon at the beach to enjoy the sun and tan a little bit or just drive a bit further to visit other beautiful villages along the coast such as Kalk Bay or Simon’s Town. Kalk Bay is a historic little village which lots of artists and designers call their home. Therefore it’s very artistic, charming and colorful. 

Simon’s Town is mainly famous for ist penguin colony where you have a beach with lots of africans penguins to swim and bath with. It’s definitely worth to see and try to make new friends there, if you haven’t been there yet. 

As you can see, just a step outside of the town you can see even more colorful and exciting experiences.

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