Most of life is grey...

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…with a little tiny bit of black and white. At least that’s what they say. But I’d rather say with some black and white and a lot of color in between. Look at the pictures we did on this lovely fall or rather late summer afternoon. The blue sky and the blue lake even reminded me of being on holiday somewhere at the sea. The colors are not even photoshopped!

How I’m feeling during these days in Zurich? Read the previous blogpost and I’m sure you can get an impression about these days and weeks in my lovely hometown. Let’s get to the outfit for this one. I’ve chosen different shades of grey J for my pants, my shirt and the shoes. I like to have a one-color-look. Sure, I could have changed the black jacket with another grey jacket but I also love to set a highlight to an outfit and it makes it even more interesting this way.

However, I like all black or all white but all grey? Hmmm… I’m not very sure about that. At least in my case. It can make you look really pale, I guess. And I don’t like that. The darker and grey months (when it comes to the light of the photos as well) are around the corner, so I need to get some colors and contrasts in my outfits.

Grey is a trend color for sure. And it can be seen as an alternative to black. It’s a neutral color and can be matched to many other colors. The challenge lies in the combination of the color – you can vary in terms of textures, shades, patterns etc. I don’t think there are any rules what you need to do and what you should avoid. I would just say: Choose a graphic grey tee, a grey ankle boot, a grey coat and mix&match each piece together with a cool jeans, your favorite leather jacket, a colorful shirt, etc. You’ll see that there are many options as usual and grey can be a lovely choice if you get it right for yourself.

Take care & write you soon...



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