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…the modeling world and let me tell you what it is all about. You most probably know, that I am not only working as a blogger and influencer (although I don’t like this expression, so let’s say content creator). Moreover, I work as a professional male model for over 8 years already. 

Well, this is actually how all started in this fashion and entertainment industry and it’s still my passion. I love to slip in different roles to create amazing pictures, videos or shows. Despite the common assumption, in modeling it’s always all about team work. Of course, the model is the one standing in front of the camera striking the poses and pulling different faces. But there is no good picture withouth a professional photographer, a hair- and make-up artist, the creative director, the client, the assistants and so on. 

The size of the team varies from 2 people (model and photographer, which is the minimum of course) to 10-15 for bigger productions like campaign or catalogue shoots up to hundreds of people for TV commercial or movie productions. So as you can see, for the overall success of a project, there are always more people involved than might be seen in the result (picture, commercial video or movie). 

And that’s something I love about this job. To implement an idea with all the people involved to a hopefully successful and amazing result. Team work is what makes the dream work. And it’s so cool to meet and get to know all different kinds of people all around the world. 

The pictures from this photo shoot I took two weeks ago with Fallstaff Photography, were a so called portfolio shoot. Which is a photo shoot organised to get new pictures for the portfolio of all the people involed. And why is it important to update your portfolio from time to time? Because it’s always good to have new and different photos in your book to show your multifaceted talents and your changeableness.

Photos by Fallstaff Photography

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