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…community or at least a part of it. For the ones following me for a longer time it’s probably nothing new, because they know that I did that already in 2018. And since it was well received and a big success I decided to do it again. 

Well, it’s already some time ago because it was part of my #StevensXmas surprises, however, I thought I want to share this amazing experience with you all and also some of the photos taken there. So it was end of 2019 when I organized with the photographer Diana Kottmann our photo shoot for some of my followers who won that give away. 

I wanted to give them the opportunity to see how it is to stand in front of the camera, to share with them some insights into the modeling world, answer their questions and help them to pose in front of the camera and let them know what is important to consider. The goal of this experience was to get to know some people out of my community, since it is always important to me, also get in touch offline, apart from social media. Moreover, I wanted to get them some nice photos of themselves. Either used as a great souvenir or maybe also for their future modeling career or for the next job application. 

And of course for most of them it was their first experience in front of a professional camera and therefore they were a bit shy. However thanks to the professeional and empathic approach of Diana they felt comfortable in front of the camera within a second. 

All in all, it was a great experience with meeting lovely people and having lots of fun.

Take care & write you soon…



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