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…in a different city. Do you know this feeling of waking up in the morning not knowing where you are, what time it is and what’s on the plan today? Questioning yourself if you are still dreaming or if it’s reality?

To be honest, it happens to me from time to time like this morning. I didn’t have to wake up very early and as I heard my alarm clock and slightly opened my eyes, for a short moment, I didn’t know where I am, what day it is and what do to today. Maybe it was because I dreamt about being in Milan and experienced so many good things, which I can’t remember in detail. And usually I don’t even know what I am dreaming. Of course, we all do dream and reflect our days and experiences with doing so. But I am a person who barely remembers the dream.

And yes sometimes or better said quite often we are happy that it was just a dream. But not today. I wouldn’t mind to fell asleep in my bed at night and waking up in a different city, especially if it’s a cool city like Milan. “Traveling” would be that easy, right? Ok maybe too easy. The pleasant anticipation of traveling to your travel destination wouldn’t exist anymore and that’s quite sad.

Anyhow, I am traveling a lot due to my job, you know that. And I love it as much as I am doing it, you know that too. But what you don’t know is, what gives me this kind of home feeling when being abroad or waking up in different cities. Something small but significant. To me, it’s very important to have always the same fragrances with me even when traveling. Because when applying it to my skin and then smelling the scent in the hotel room reminds me of being home.

There are people they don’t use perfume at all. I am definitely not. And I am quite picky. I have many of them in my bathroom closet but I only use a few depending on my mood. And when I was in Milan, I was in the mood to explore something wild and thrilling.

Fragrances: DIOR SAUVAGE, Eau de Parfum

Take care & write you soon…



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