Milan - on rooftops we chill…

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…and celebrate amazing rooftop parties. Ok, well it’s not rooftop season yet. At least not in our part of the world since the weather is rather ice-cold and cloudy at the moment. However, it’s the right time to dream how it could be on a beautiful sunny rooftop enjoying a chilled cocktail with a warm summer breeze in your hair. Sounds promising, doesn’t it?

Anyways, when I am traveling to other cities, I always try to discover new beautiful rooftops. Being on top of tall building has something magical to me. To see a beautiful skyline, all the hectic vibe down in the city and just feel like the king of the world is something special to me. And of course, you shouldn’t suffer from the fear of heights. In addition, I think if you visit a city for the first time, it’s good to have a first good impression of the city.

That’s how I did when I was in Milan. Ok well, I wasn’t there for the first time, but for the first time on a higher rooftop. And it was just because the hotel I stayed was quite tall and offered an amazing rooftop. To be honest, the view from up there wasn’t the same like in a bigger city such as New York, Bangkok or Madrid but still I love to stand up there and just breath in the better air and have a look around to the city lying down at my feet.

And I dreamed for a second and imagined how it could be here in summer time. With hot weather and cold drinks. I’d definitely say a place to stay, relax and enjoying nice summer nights in good company. Means, I need to come back during summer.

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