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People who know me, also know that I love to pretend to be an Italian. I mean, I kinda look like one, don’t I? And I always try to speak Italian and claim that I am very good at it. And to be honest I am bad, but I am good with speaking with my hands. At least something Italian-like, you see

Seriously, I understand kind a lot of the Italian language but it’s hard for me to speak, because I never learned it so far. Moreover, I don’t only love their language. Italy and especially Milan have so many different things to offer. Beginning with the culture and architecture about what I talked already in my last blogpost. It’s always very impressive for me to stand on the square in front of the dome and seeing all the beautiful buildings while turning on my own. Although, I’ve seen it for so many times already, it always makes me stop for a while to just dive into that beauty around me.

And of course, Milan is known for its fashion industry. So many big brands having their stores and headquarters in the fashion metropolis of Italy. Moreover, Milan is one of the world’s leading cities when it comes to fashion with hosting the Milan Fashion Week twice a year in town. And then it’s not surprising that the Italian people are walking through the streets stylish and well-dressed. Therefore, for me as a fashion blogger it is very inspiring just sitting in a street café and observing the people passing by.

Speaking about sitting in a café, in Milan I could sit down in almost every café or restaurant to enjoy a delicious Italian coffee, which is supposed to be the best in the world. Sitting there in the sun, having a stunning view to the dome and sipping on my cappuccino, that’s the real Italian lifestyle. And I don’t have to mention the Italian food, I mean I am so much in love with all kinds of Italian specialities such as Spaghetti, Gnocchi, Bruschetta and Pizza. And of course, don’t forget about all the sweet temptations such as Gelato, Tiramisu, Cannolo or Panna cotta. Unfortunately, all of this delicious food is not very compatible with my diet.

But hey sometimes it is important to enjoy the life to the fullest not thinking about calories or whatever. Just be happy and enjoy the Italian way of life.

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