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…or how to treat a man’s skin, body and hair the best way. Grooming and skin care is nowadays not only a women’s thing. More and more men care about their look, their health and their body. We are going to the gym to strenghten our body but we should also focus on the right care afterwards.

So, we think about our grooming routine and we want look healthy, fresh and clean but at the same time we don’t want to spend too much time in the bathroom. Therefore, let’s keep our daily routine as fast and as efficient as possible but with the best results.

I found the solution in the new men’s grooming product range of La Biosthétique Homme with its lately released masculine products designed to satisfiy the needs of a man and his body, skin and hair. The products are especially produced for men and each of them offers the best quality and together with the other products they are setting new standards. Perfectly made to have the best impact on a man, his style, his look and how his skin feels with a fresh and masculine scent. And all the products for skin, hair, styling, beard and fragrance cover everything you need to do your daily grooming routine.

Check my video tutorial below to get an impression of my daily grooming and let me explain you briefly all the products I use:

1. Showering

HAIR BEARD BODY WASH by La Biosthétique Homme
For an energy kick with a soft and intense cleaning. The active component protects the skin from drying out.

2. Shaving

SHAVING GEL by La Biosthétique Homme
For smooth skin and a gentle and thorough shave.

3. After Shave

AFTER SHAVE FACE & BEARD CREAM by La Biosthétique Homme
For velvety soft skin and soft beard hair. The conditioning all in one product is energising and supplies the cells with an extra portion of oxygen.

4. Hair care

HAIR & SCALP TONIC by La Biosthétique Homme
Refreshing scalp tonic with cooling effect which is combined with a scalp massage to positively affect hair growth and thickness.

5. Blow-drying
After applying the tonic blow-dry your hair and while doing so already try to style it a bit in the direction of the desired hair style.

6. Hair styling

POWDER WAX by La Biosthétique Homme
Gives fine hair much more lift and volume whilst improving structure and texture. I use it as the base of my hair styling to get volume and a first good structure in my hair, which can be re-styled at any time.

7. Hair finish

FIBER PASTE by La Biosthétique Homme
For perfectly shapeable styles with a remodelling effect thanks to the non-hardening, creamy texture. For the finish you can either choose the Styling Gel or the Fiber Paste. I definitely go for the second one since I prefer to have a matte and re-styleable finish. Whereas with the Styling Gel you have a reliable hold and shiny result.

8. Deodorant

DEODORANT SPRAY by La Biosthétique Homme
For up to 24 hours of protection against underarm perspiration and body odor.

9. Fragrance

EAU DE TOILETTE HOMME by La Biosthétique Homme
For a masculine men’s scent with a tangy note that emphasises your individual personality with fresh accents and warm, earthy tones.

And I think now we’re ready for the day and to take on any challenge we might face. Have fun watching the video and to try it out by yourself.

Pflegeprodukte: La Biosthétique Homme

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