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It’s been a while since I’ve posted the last time here. Well, „a while“ means exactly one week. It’s not a long time really, but usually, I try to write a new blog post two times a week. As the last weeks were really busy, I had simply no time to write to you earlier. In addition to that, I think you’ve noticed the problem I’ve been facing last week. My Instagram profile somehow got blocked, shadow banned, whatever you may want to call it.

What a bad feeling that was to see it all slipping through my fingers. You simply have no chance to do anything. All you can do is to wait and hope. Or to find a solution really really quick. This rather negative stress showed me how dependent we all are on only one kind of media. It’s not that I haven’t known that before, but it’s definitely more in my thoughts now.

I couldn’t be happier then to have found a solution and then having a lovely timeout in a new city. We’ve headed to Marrakech for the birthday weekend of one of my closest friends. And all I can say is: Wow. It’s definitely the best way to escape the winter here in Switzerland. But I need to admit as long as we can see snow in a lovely landscape; it’s beautiful as well. Let’s get back to Marrakech, though. What an impressive city and country with all its beautiful nature and the special light, which you can see on the pictures, too. And the colors - the country shows so many colorful places wherever you may look at. Exploring a new and different culture is so interesting and exciting. And with the group of friends we’ve been there, it was just wonderful. The perfect harmony with good vibes only.

We all met at a villa outside Marrakech and spent the weekend there. A perfect mix between delicious food, lovely people in a nice get together, some time to swim in the pool, an impressive quad bike tour in the desert and enjoying the sun – a lot of sun. With that, I do have the amount of vitamin D I need for the following winter weeks.

Let’s bring it on!

Take care & write you soon…



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