The man and his leather jacket - unconditional love...

Leather Jacket: Tigha, Shirt & Pants: Jack&Jones, Sunglasses: Ray Ban

“A man’s wardrobe isn’t complete without a cool leather jacket!” In my opinion this quote is just so true. At least one trendy leather jacket belongs to every man no matter how old he is or what style he has. Having such a piece in your wardrobe means you can pimp up your outfit anytime and giving it immediately a tough and rugged look. A leather jacket just gives you the freedom to easily put together any outfit. Because it is just so easy to combine.

Let me show you any examples. Just take a blue-jeans and a loose fit white shirt. Wearing only these two pieces it is quite boring. But imagine just to pull over a trendy black leather jacket it gives you the look! And you can add the jacket, especially a black one to any sorts of colors or styles, even with dress shirts or jumpers. Any other possibility is to combine it as I did in the pictures. I have chosen an all-over one color look. This time with a modern and cool color: khaki. Adding my favorite piece of my wardrobe to that outfit it breaks the one color look and gives it a tough attitude. Without this black highlight the whole outfit would have been too much khaki and therefore pale.

As I mentioned this leather jacket is my favorite piece in my wardrobe. Although I own more than one leather jacket I often wear only this one. It is hard to explain why I have chosen especially this one but I think a man just have to fall in love with his leather jacket. So it happened to me. It was kind of love at first sight when I wore this jacket for the first time. The style just fits perfectly to me and I don’t want to miss it again.

Anyway there are different styles of leather jackets out there in the market. In my opinion it is very important to check out what style fits you the most. For a cool, tough and rugged look it is crucial to choose a jacket with a nice slim cut, it is not supposed to be too long and I prefer a jacket with kind of a used look and many details and zippers. To sum up the look should not be too old-fashion and classy. Rather take a sporty cut leather jacket with asymmetric details and zippers. But the most important thing – just love your leather jacket!

Leather Jacket: Tigha
Shirt & Pants: Jack & Jones
Sunglasses: Ray Ban

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