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I know, I may sound boring, but if so I’ll accept it. Because I just love sunsets and especially when traveling, there are so many beautiful sunsets to discover all around the globe. I don’t know really what the fascination behind is, but I guess it’s just something we still appreciate made by mother nature. It’s a spectacle which is impossible to rebuild and create with human hands. Even the most outstanding artworks of famous painters are not comparable with watching a beautiful sunset in nature.

As much as I love sunsets, it’s not the only thing I appreciate when traveling. During my time in Mallorca, which was of course full of work with blog shootings and the TV commercial production, I even had some time to relax and enjoy. The best when on vacation is, to forget about the time, to sleep as long as you want to, then enjoy a delicious and rich breakfast buffet and chill the beach for the rest of the day. To recharge batteries with lots of vitamin D. Well this is how a perfect day on vacation looks like to me.

However, being in Mallorca not so much for vacation but working instead, the days looked a bit different. I rather got up early in the morning to have the best light to shoot beautiful pictures. Followed by a small but tasty breakfast to be ready for another shooting and of course don’t forget about a workout session to stay in shape. To end the day, I finally had some time to sit back and relax and enjoy a nice dinner in a wonderful environment.

For more impressions about my trip to Mallorca, check the travel video below.

How does your perfect day on vacation look like? And do you want to see more videos like that?

Take care & write you soon…



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