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I love to sleep in after a tough time. Or let’s say, after a time without having a lot of sleep. It’s not tough in a bad way but still your body can feel it. If I’m totally relaxed then, I love to get up a bit earlier again and enjoy the morning time – with a run or just a walk.

The magic lies in the morning mood. Going for a lakeside walk, you can see the fishermen starting their morning routine, you notice all the lovely and different animals waking up and just being there. From swans to ducks and dogs, which are taken on their morning walk as well. If you get yourself the chance to notice things, to simply slow down a bit, you can see all the beauty out there.

Yes, it’s getting slowly winter now and people are complaining already. As every year. Before winter, after summer, during summer, in April. We all know that. But let’s be honest: It’s a gift to live in a city or country where there are different seasons and weather conditions and it’s also good for the nature. That’s why I’m happy to observe the weather change every year, even if I’m not a winter lover. But it’s magic what the nature is showing us each and every day.

Let’s be more appreciative and ignore the “bad” things. There are not really bad, we just make them bad.

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