We all love stripes…

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…or at least I do – very much, lately. And that was not always the case. I don’t know where this is coming from or maybe it’s love at second sight. Anyways, I think stripes can make any clothing piece look very stylish and trendy and therefore the overall look, too. 

So that’s why I decided to style two outfits with stripes but in different variations. For the more casual look I chose some cool dark blue pants with thin stripes in white. The pants are comparable with chinos but due to the stripes they rather have a more casual look than a classy chino pants. Especially when combined with a cozy sweater like this one in this shiny blue color and some grey sneakers. It’s an easy look, pretty sporty but also good to wear in the streets (when we are allowed to leave the house again of course – due to Coronavirus). 

The second look is more classy and I chose a striped shirt in black and ivory white. The stripes are a bit thicker and the shirt can be worn very versatile. Either, like I combined it with a trench coat and some chino pants and nice dark brown shoes. Or just with a blue jeans or a black ripped jeans for a casual summer night. 

In any case, I fell in love with this striped shirt, I have to admit. I see so many different ways to combine it and it makes me long for summer. For the days at the beach, walking barefoot in the sand, jeans rolled up and feeling the wind openning the unbuttoned striped shirt – pure summer bliss. Let’s hope that we are able to do this soon again

Outfit 1: Zalando Casual
Outfit 2: Zalando Classy

Take care, stay safe & write you soon…



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