Live each day...

Steven Epprecht - SE signature style if it was your last. We can just see that as a simple quote, and I’m not the one who needs to teach you this kind of thinking. But I think about it sometimes, when I start taking things for granted. There’s no guarantee. For nothing and no one. Sure, looking away during these times is easier and more comfortable. But is it the right way?

Reflection is so important – at least for me. Not only when it comes to our own performance, our personal development or ourselves. But also whatever happens beyond our own personal world. If your focus is too narrow, there’s the chance to miss all the important things in life and cannot develop the way it would have been possible.

This is why I say: Go out and start living your dreams – if it’s possible based on the given background. Not everyone has the same chances, but we all can try to change each and every situation – when there’s a will. Looking back in a few years and think: Oh, why haven’t I…? I guess there’s nothing worse. Mistakes do only happen in our heads. It’s more about the development and the learning itself. In the end, we all know that we do not know whatever happens in a few minutes, in five hours or tomorrow.

Take care & write you soon...



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