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Beard Designer: Babyliss

Well, our beard is definitely one of the trends during the last few years. Some predicted its end this year but wherever you look around, the trend seems to be alive. Beard soaps, wax and oils are available nearly everywhere. When it comes to the topic beard styles, there are so many out there, which I cannot cover all here. Everyone needs to discover his own style by himself or visiting a barber shop and looking for the perfect fit there. It’s definitely a way to express yourself in another way than clothing or changing your haircut. It is a great possibility if you’re able to grow a beard and if you take care of it.

The trend goes from groomed long „stubble“ to long beards which still seem to be in style as well. However, the difficulty here is that it needs to be groomed and therefore you need to trim it on a regular basis. And in my opinion, really long beards need to fit your face and your whole appearance. It’s like the fringe cut for women for example. It may be the trend yes, but that doesn’t mean that it automatically works with every face and its features. In addition, beards have their own meaning to women. Some may find it attractive, some even find it a really big no-go which is turning them off.

I’m more on the „stubble“ side, and this mainly since I started modeling full-time. Before, when I worked for the bank I always had a clean-shaven face. Even sometimes these days I have to be totally shaven, when it is demanded for certain jobs. However, I clearly prefer the “stubble” to the total blank face. If you don’t have the time to visit a barber shop each week, there are many products out there as for example the Beard Designer by Babyliss.

But guys, if you aren’t able to grow a beard or a nice “stubble” – don’t worry about that. It’s just one option to express yourself and still not the most important one.

Beard Designer: Babyliss

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