Lisbon – a vibrant city…

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…which wasn’t that vibrant as it used to be. And the reason is pretty obvious during these pandemic times. Well, at least that’s what I have been told, because it was my first time in Lisbon and in Portugal in general. And so much ahead: For sure not my last time!

Before I went to Lisbon, everyone I told my plans, was rising my expectations towards my trip and the city. They were so enthusiastic about it and assured me, that I will love it. You know how it is with having high expectations, right? The chances of getting disappointed is much higher. However, it turned out differently and my expectations were even exceeded and I kind of fell in love with the Portuguese capital. 

I loved the spirit and the vibe in this city, although it was quite empty. On the other hand, I love exploring a city with not too many tourists. So I could stroll through the historic old town and the different neighborhoods. For example exploring “Alfama” (the artistic quarter with beautiful colored houses and creative spirit), to “Baixa” (the heart of the city centre) and “Chiado” (the shopping area where there are mixes between old and modern commercial establishments and the oldest and most famous café: A Brasileira). 

If you are in “Chiado” and go further up the hill you will get to the “Bairro Alto” (the upper quarter) which is the main entertainment district with lots of traditional bars and restaurants. In non-pandemic times, it’s usually full of people in the streets enjoying food & drinks and a good time. Currently, it’s less busy but also easier to get a table in a nice restaurant. 

And then of course you have to visit all the different landmarks the city offeres. The most iconic one might be the Belem Tower, which is in the district of Belem a bit outside of the town. And if you are there, don’t forget to taste the delicious “Pasteis de Belem” – a traditional pastry. But I warn you: It’s kind of addictive. 

Lisbon also has nice squares to visit such as the most famous and most beautiful one – the “Praça do Comércio” which is located right at the waterfront. Also don’t forget to get to the various viewpoints to overlook the city and the castle “Sao Jorge”. A beautiful monument is also the Lisbon Cathedral in the “Alfama” district.

If you want to spend some time in a trendy and urban place, then go to “LX Factory” which is located in an industrial quarter with lots of different local shops and cool restaurants. And from there you can also go for a walk at the river bank and have a look at the impressive “Ponte 25 de Abril”, which might remind you of the Golden Gate Brige in San Francisco. Yes, they were both built by the same architect. 

And if you are looking for a hotel, I definitely can recommend the one I stayed in: “My Story Hotel Figueira” which is very stylish and super well located in the heart of the city. And the staff is so friendly and welcoming. For breakfast you will find some nice places around or my favorite one is a 4-minutes-walk away and is called “O Corvo”. And my favorite dinner place was the local restaurant “Sinal Vermelho”, located in the “Bairro Alto”. 

As yo can see, Lisbon has so many different things to offer and you definitely won’t get bored, promised! And I will go back to this beautiful place sometime again, for sure. 

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