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…and about the right fashion for the more formal office jobs. As you might know, although it’s hard to believe, I was one of the guys walking down the streets of Zurich head held up in a chic suit. Yes, I was a banker back then, before I decided to quit my rather boring bank job to focus on the modeling and blogger career. And so far I didn’t regret it at all.

However, I also loved my job as a relationship manager for a Swiss bank. Because it was challenging and interesting at the same time and the best part was the personal contact with my clients. And of course, I loved to dress up in nice suits although it was kind a pain during the summer times with hot temperatures and no air conditioning in the office.

But when it comes to business suits, it’s a rather difficult topic which is often underestimated. The most heard opinion is like: You can’t do much wrong by wearing a suit. But no! You can do many mistakes when it comes to wear a suit right. Especially in formal businesses such as banks, law firms or insurance companies it is of high importance to wear the suit the right way.

These are the main points to consider when buying or wearing a business suit:

  1. Buy a well-fitted suit and go rather for a slim-fit cut.
  2. Wear clean shoes matching the belt color.
  3. In business only long-sleeve dress shirts are acceptable.
  4. The only colors for formal business suits are dark blue, black and anthracite and don’t go for big patterns or special material.
  5. Dress shirts should be either white, light blue or any bright or pastel color.
  6. Pay attention to the length of the tie. It should “kiss” the belt and shouldn’t be longer nor shorter.
  7. The tie can be the it-piece of the whole outfit and it’s allowed to go for colors and design but don’t go too crazy.

So, in the end you don’t have too many options but you too many things to do it wrong. And I have to admit, the suit I’ve chosen here for this shooting is rather on the border line to count to business fashion. I would see it more as a combination of a classy business suit with a touch of summer feeling due to the rather clear blue and the white stripes. However, I just love it and it’s the perfect light suit for doing business in summer.

Outfit: WE Fashion

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