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…and the different hair styles. Because hair is important almost to everyone and luckily I do still have quite enough of them. But no worries, also for the ones with less or no hair, it looks good as well, you just need to be confident with it. However, I got already many messages from you guys regarding my hair and hair style, like: how do you style your hair? What product do you use? How much time do you need to style your hair?

Questions over questions and that’s why I decided to focus on hair in this blogpost and also added a little video tutorial about hair styling. And it’s actually my very first video tutorial but something I always wanted to do: focusing more on videos. And I am very excited about your opinion and feedback regarding my video and if you like to see more of it in the future. So don’t hesitate to just drop me a message with any feedback.

But now let’s focus on the hair and its different styles. My hair cut is usually short on the sides with longer hair on top. Although it’s a rather short cut you still have many options of styling your hair because of the longer top hair. And all I need is basically one product like the TecniARt Stiff Pommade No. 5 by L’Oréal (not sponsored) and any hair spray to finish and fix the hair style. The great thing with this pomade is, that already with a small amount of the product you can style the hair easily and even if it’s thick and with a high volume like mine is. And it has no shine like a gel or so and fixes the hair perfectly throughout the day and you even can restyle the hair whenever you want.

If you want to have a look how easily you can make different and cool hair styles so check the video tutorial and pictures below with 7 different styles from “out-of-bed” over “the-wave” to “electric-shock” and get inspired by a new look.

What is your favorite look out of these?

Hair product: TecniArt Stiff Pommade No. 5 by L’Oréal

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