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Well, we all know Star Wars. Some of you might know some parts of it, some may know every little detail and every single film. For all of you who have been waiting for the second part of the new trilogy – December 14th is pretty close from now.

Philips, the world-known and leading brand in health technology, is using this occasion to launch new electric shavers – based on the Star Wars trilogy. The razors are similar to the different characteristics and they combine innovative premium technology with brand new design attributes. Sure, the razors are for you guys only – but dear ladies, it’s the perfect birthday or Christmas gift for your boyfriend, brother or dad :-)

There in total four different shavers you can choose from. One who is inspired by the dark side of the force and another one from the light side. Each of these models have been developed with a special focus on the details. The integrated insignia from the Star Wars universe as e.g. the symbols of the “First Order”, the jedi or the opposition. You can discover many of these different little details.

Going for the “dark side” of the force, you’re getting a razor with 72 V-shaped rotating V-track pro precision blades, which conquer with 151’000 cuts per minute even a three-day stubble without any difficulties. The “dark side” (SW 9700/67) is convincing with three personal comfort modes: gentle, regular, fast.

If you prefer the smoother way, you should choose the “light side” (SW 7700/67) edition with skin-glide rings, which are covered with thousands of beads to reduce the surface resistance between razor and skin and therefore protect it against irritation.

The other two razors are inspired by the person Poe Dameron as well as the design elements of the droids.

Using the razors, you can notice that they put a lot of effort in the technology. The blades can cut hair from every angle and they enable a comfortable and smooth shave. It doesn’t matter if you prefer dry or wet shave – I’m sure you’re going to be happy with the results either way.

May the force be with you!

Shaver: Philips

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