Klöntalersee – Hiking is always a good choice to…

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…free your mind and recharge your batteries. Especially when it is at such a stunning place like this one in the canton of Glarus in the middle of Switzerland around this beautiful lake with the crystal clear green blue water and the snowy mountains and flourishing nature.

This is the place where I can let me thoughts wander and free my mind. And I have to admit I became a hiking lover. As a kid yes, I used to go on a hike with my grand parents from time to time, which I loved a lot. But then when I grew older I wasn’t too much into hiking anymore. I rather thought it’s boring and not cool at all. And this changed a lot now. 

I don’t know what it is exactly. Maybe the age? I am getting older and my interest are swapping or I just re-discovered it. Because I got more addicted to hiking when I was in Cape Town a year ago. Anways, hiking is always such an energising thing. Although it’s exhausting and challenging sometimes for your body, it’s so refreshing for your mind and soul. And I think, particularly in those challenging times when we need to stay home and can’t travel much, even more. 

So that’s why I still keep the beautiful images of this incredible scenery in my mind and I am looking forward to discover new places pretty soon, in Switzerland of course for now. 

Take care, stay safe & write you soon…



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