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Leather jacket: Tigha

Follow one course until successful – quite a suitable definition of the word “focus”. And once you’ve started your course, all it needs is a lot of discipline, perseverance, will and confidence in yourself and the ones who are important to you. And well, a portion of luck.

It sounds really easy, but the challenge lies behind the balance. Once you’ve got the discipline, it’s not that difficult to work towards your goals. The more difficult thing is to rest, to calm down, and to give oneself some unplanned free time. With free time I don’t talk about checking the social media channels each 5 minutes, having a stressed gym workout or heading from one friends meeting to the other. This has not that much to do with calming down, as it is still kind of stress. Even if it’s not the negative form of it.

To give oneself some rest, we all should disconnect on a regular basis. Disconnect from work, from all the social media and also from people. Just having some minutes or a few hours just by yourself gives you a lot of energy for the next days and weeks and it helps you to focus, just in another context.

Whatever you do, whether it’s yoga, strolling at the lake, sitting in a park, reading books, listening to music – there are many options and neither right nor wrong. But keeping ones balance is of so much more value than we usually think. We’re overloaded in our daily life, no matter what we look at, it’s a general fact. I think, this is okay, because not many will get a high achievement if they don’t work for it. But we need to keep the effort in balance with the personal well-being. Disconnect may sound harsh, but it really brings you to yourself, your dreams, your thoughts, and there we get the energy back we loose in working a lot.

How do you keep your balance..?

Leather jacket: Tigha

Take care & write you soon…



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