Just another blog??! NO – it is my signature style – se signature style ¦ the blog


Welcome to my world… Being an international male model I have the opportunity to come across many different things and exciting places all around the world. I am happy to share my adventures now with you in an official way. Throughout my work as a model I am familiar with fashion, lifestyle and travel and I can share with you the latest trends and must-haves. Honestly the most important thing when it comes to blogging is your audience, means YOU!

Nevertheless I will stick to myself since it is my signature style. Therefore I only blog about or recommend what I personally like. This is where the name of the blog comes from “se signature style”. It is my signature in terms of style in all different ways such as fashion, lifestyle, events, travel and many more. I know, everyone tells me that I am quite late to start a new blog because there are already too many online. But hey?! I don’t care, because I do what I love and love what I do and I just want to share it with you since I think you can take benefits out of it. Sometimes in life you just have to risk something, try out in order to judge afterwards if it worked out or not. Life is about exploring, trying and experiencing.

As a special feature I will give you the opportunity to askvquestions or suggest new blogpost topics. Tell me what I should check out for you next and I will do so and blog about it…

And if you like my signature style and my new blog “se signature style” feel free to follow, comment and share…

I am thankful for your support!

Take care & write you soon…



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