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Schmuck: Rhomberg

…to be this one little thing that can make you feel unique. This quote from a jewelry designer based in LA explains the whole magic about it quite perfectly. And it’s not for women only; men do wear jewelry very often as well. The category “Men’s accessories” is stated as very fast growing – and we’ve been seeing that on TV, billboards and on social media as well for a long time already.

For me, jewelry does not have to be the most expensive product nor come from the most popular brand on the market, but it could. J In my opinion, jewelry should not be about the status but just be seen as a nice adding to you as a person. That’s it. Even simple jewelry can be really beautiful and something even more important – meaningful. Bracelets, rings or necklaces as a birthday, Christmas or wedding gift have its personal worth – no matter what price it may cost. It can even be a handmade bracelet from a good friend, which means more to us than the expensive ones.

Personally, I am the type for bracelets and necklaces especially when it comes to my spare time. I usually don’t wear any watches or rings, except in terms of my work or special events. But bracelets and necklaces are really nice accessories for me, which fit to every outfit and each situation. Well, I may take it off only during the gym sessions.

Jewelry (no matter what kind of) definitely makes you feel unique. It’s because jewelry itself is unique in each aspect. There are plenty of opportunities to find your favorite pieces and there are no limits in terms of material, color, size, brand, price etc. And if you don’t like to wear jewelry at all – it’s fine as well. Again, there’s no right or wrong, just another topic where it’s all about our own taste. But if you ever run out of ideas for your mom, sister or girlfriend/boyfriend – it’s always a good gift. If you don’t know the taste, don’t just go for a voucher, it’s not very personal at all. Try to do the more “gentleman-like” way: Walk around with the person, find out which necklace he/she likes and then you’ve got it.

Jewelry: Rhomberg

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