Jeans series No. 1 – All you need is Jeans…

Outfit: House of Jeans, St. Gallen

It shouldn’t be missing in any wardrobe: The jeans! I don’t know any person, no matter if female or male, who doesn’t possess at least one pair of jeans. Often it is even a much bigger amount of these pants. I would claim, that the jeans is the most common clothing piece in most part of the world. This is probably thanks to the nowadays huge selection of colors, shapes and styles.

But how comes that it got such a culture about the jeans and beyond? Well, it all began in 1847 as Levi Strauss as an emigrant, who was born in Franken, moved to San Francisco and started to produce robust workwear out of cotton for the gold miners. The term “Jeans” comes from the country of origin of the cotton which is “Genua” in Italy. In French it is called “Gênes” but it got pronounced by the Americans like “Jeans”.

Started as practical workwear it got well-established as a fashion it-piece. The time of the simple and regular Denim Blue-Jeans is over. Nowadays there are fashion statements being set by Jeans or just combine it to awesome styles. There are so many different possibilities that it is hard to know what the latest trends are. Let me help you with that. A well fitted Jeans – a must-have in every wardrobe of a cool guy. However the question is which jeans is currently hip and how to combine it?

Just for you I created a little jeans series in cooperation with House of Jeans, one of the biggest specialist in jeans within Switzerland. I am going to show you in total four cool but totally different jeans.

Because of the beautiful weather I am going to start with a summerlike bright Diesel-Jeans. Thanks to the slim-fit cut it is perfectly shaped around the leg. Due to the ripping optics it gives the pants a used-look and remind of the origin of the jeans as a worker pants. Especially during the summer months I am a big fan of bright jeans. The best way to combine it is with a clean white shirt. In combination with a fancy light brown buckskin jacket it gives the whole outfit a cool cowboy-look. And in my opinion there is for sure place for a brown buckskin jacket beyond all these black leather jackets.

Jeans: Diesel
Shirt: Tommy Hilfiger
Jacket: Jack&Jones

All styles are available at House of Jeans, Marktplatz 4, 9000 St. Gallen or online.

Take care & write you soon…



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