It’s the sweater weather again, because…

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…the cold temperatures are here - finally. After weeks or even months of quite high temperatures, we‘re able to freeze now. The wind is really cold, so that being said, having +2 degrees Celsius on the thermometer feels like -5 degrees. However, I‘m happy to see some winter in my Instagram feed pretty soon. 

The question now is: How shall we dress to feel comfortable and still look kind of fashionable? This question goes out to men and women and can be answered in the same way. My advice is as simple as logical. Get into the shops now (especially this week as Black Friday specials are waiting everywhere) and look out for sweaters. Mix it with a trenchcoat and a shirt, which you wear below the sweater. I‘m sure you know the name of this logic principle: Layered clothing. 

For me, it‘s the best solution for the winter. I don‘t like to freeze. And I really don‘t like to sweat. So having these layers, I do not face these situations too often. Just be careful when it comes to freezing temperatures and sweating after being in a heated room: Catching a cold isn‘t that difficult if you forget to wear your coat outside. Even if you‘re sweating. I may not be the best example for this as I like to be outside without a coat then, but I guess I‘m used to it already. 

Let‘s talk about the colors and shoes. I‘ve kept it quite simple here. Camel colored coat, grey jeans, my favorite sweater in white and brown boots matching the coat. Sure, you can also go for white sneakers and blue jeans. I guess there are not that many no-go’s when it comes to this kind of outfits.

Let‘s hit the Black Friday sales, get some cool clothes and we‘ll be ready for the winter - no matter how harsh it‘ll be.

Take care & write you soon…



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