It‘s a shoes world...

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… for women and men. And what kind of world it is with ECCO Shoes: A classy but stylish – and most important a comfortable one. It‘s alwaysabout combining classic shoes the right way, isn‘t it? 

The ECCO Shoes flagship store opened its doors for us last night and well - that kind of opening is the one Ilove the most. A lovely store with an eye for the important details, some champagne, a delicious catering and a DJ are always part of these kind of events. But this one was not an ordinary one. The event management crew did their job the rightway. The opening was creative, unexpected and targeted for different kinds of groupswith a special cocktail bar according to the different tastes, a barber station for guys who just liked to get their hair and beard optimized, a tattoo artist who showed his talent in tattooing the initials of the guests onto his/her shoes, a fire artist and an artistic dancer and sure some inspiring and famous personalities who gave some insights during the interviews.

Sure, the main targetgroup were we – the men. Why? The main focus was the new VITRUS mondial collection, a range of formal men’s shoes. In this series you do find the iconic, classic designs and the little but important details we know from Brogues, Derbys, Chelseas etc. It's the details which make the VITRUS shoes comfortable for long days at work or even during the leisure time. And one important detail is the so called FLUIDFORM - a technology by ECCO which designs the shoes to fit the foot, not the other way around. So what does that mean? The shoes follow the natural curves of your foot and the shank is lightweight and flexible so the shoes are soft and still stable. It’s really like „walking on clouds“. 

Apart from being comfortable, they accomplish one other important attribute: Stylish. It’s not the case that the shoes are comfortable but boring, they really do satisfy both sides of shoe lovers. You can combine the shoes in different ways just depending on the occasion. You can mix and match them with a casual and cool outfit or you just combine them with classic suits in all its variations. I’m sure, you won’t be doing anything wrong here. I still tried to give you some creativity that’s why I decided to combine the shoes with two different outfits. You can either go for a more classic or casual way - it‘s about you and the occasion. Honestly, I prefer to wear them within a stylistic incongruity as there is more space to combine an outfit than just go for the classic suitwhich is always an eye catcher. 

All in all, a lovely opening event to remember. And I’m happy to wear the shoes as soon as possible again.

Enjoy the weekend!

Footwear: ECCO Shoes

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