It’s mask time…

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…almost everywhere and anytime in Switzerland and all over the world. The face mask became a daily good to fight the Coronavirus. And it is delicate topic and it became quite political at the same time.

Because there are people that are totally against it and refuse to put one on, because they doubt the seriousness of the virus or don’t want to be dictated by the government. They do it on purpose or put it on more badly than right. 

Then there are others that demand even more regulation and stricter measures and complain about the masks missteps of the refusers. And there are also people that don’t really care and just put a mask on because they have to do. 

And I think, it is important now to wear a mask when and where it is mandatory and to follow the protection concepts. You can like it or not, you can be against or for it, that doesn’t count at the moment. But what counts is that we all have to fight to overcome the virus, all together. And if it’s the mask to prevent a bigger spread of the virus, then wear it. Even if you think the virus won’t harm yourself. Think about the others and I personally rather wear masks and follow the regulations instead of going into another lockdown. 

So putting on the mask is less bad for me than if everything will be closed again. And it doesn’t have something to do with showing weakness or vulnerability, on the contrary, it shows strength and solidarity. 

And nowadays there are even so many stylish and personalized face masks, so you can even see it as a fashion accessory. Don’t you think?

Take care & write you soon…



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