It’s about the combination…

Outfit: S. Oliver

Hello everyone from sunny (and warm) Sicily! With a quick stop in Zurich for a model job, I’ve arrived in this lovely part of Italy back again. And I’m really happy about it. It’s way too cold in my home country lately and I’m enjoying these days here even more.

I may show you more content than usual on the blog during these few days just because I’m absolutely in love with the locations, the weather, the light, the architecture and yes, the colors here. And to decide for only one photo is simply a bit too tricky and kind of a pity to hide all the other ones. This is why I’ve decided to give you some more impressions here on the blog as well next to Instagram during special projects.

In this case, I’ve chosen one of my favorite outfits – a suit, but in a lighter and summery version: A so called joggsuit. And I combined it with white sneakers and a simple striped shirt. I think that grey, as a color, can easily need some other colors in combination to make it the eye catcher. This is why I’ve combined it here with this lovely wall of a building to give it the perfect summer look. Looking at the pictures should bring you into the right summer mood.

I’m looking forward to the days ahead and hope you’re getting some sun soon, too!

Outfit: S. Oliver

Take care & write you soon…



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