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We all know that. We all see and feel the changes. We are all busy with our own lives, rushing from one project to the other, even though we may not even like what we’re doing. With all this mostly negative stress we forget to develop ourselves, we miss the self-expression. In the end, I guess that makes the tiny little difference. With the permission we give ourselves to find complete expression, we can feel happier than we are now. Well, assumed that we allow ourselves to be happy.

It is priceless to be able to feel confident about everything we do and achieve in our life – personal and business-oriented. And at the same time being able to live a life by the rules we set ourselves gives us the feeling of freedom. But well, with all this kind of words, there is one challenge coming.

We need to walk into unknown and dark spheres, create a change in our daily lives and decisions and stop ignoring emotions. Emotions are essential, because it’s the emotions, which make us human. In other words: we need to make a move. We need to change our own lives for the better – no one else can do that. Family and friends may help but we need to talk, open up and again: make a move. Why?

To find complete expression always brings kind of a risk too. There may be mistakes and lows along the way, which only lead us to new experiences and are not wrong at all. So therefore, to make this move, to allow ourselves to live a life in another way, be curious like a little kid, we need to feel safe, secure and confident in our own skin. No matter what happens. And well… We all know how we achieve this state, even if we don’t like to hear it: The more honest we are to ourselves and everyone else, the closer we get to our own self.

And the more we value ourselves and feel good in our own skin. Unconditionally.

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