From Irish fisherman to everyone…

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…then I’m talking about the classic and well-known cable knit. Originally, this kind of sweater was popular amongst the Irish fishermen back in the days. However, it turned to an important and worldwide popular it-piece within the last years. 

I tried to combine this it-piece in a fashionable and still simple way for the upcoming colder seasons. There are different options when it comes to a cable knit sweater in the online shop of GANT. I’ve chosen the one with the round neck in dark grey. You can wear this kind of sweater in a casual or more formal way. I went for a dark blue jeans and a classic shirt in dark indigo. This is really a must have which you should have in mind during the whole year. It does have a regular fit with a button down collar. As you know me, I like the little but surprising details when it comes to outfits. That’s why I added a striped cord tie. It reminds me of different pieces in the college and this tie gives the little extra to every outift. As you can see, I played around – I wore the tie below and above the sweater. Just try it out I’d say, there’s no clear right or wrong. 

And yes, I thought about the colors. The ivy green of the tie and the light darker green of the wool cap make a perfect match. The blue of the shirt goes together with the jeans as well as the blue in the tie. It’s not about the exact same nuance of color but the way they fit together. In my option, the same nuance everytime is a bit boring. I prefer to play around with different shades of the colors. The fed wool cap is such a comfortable and stylish option to bring some variety to an outfit. And well, the cap warms your ears during the colder days. 

Last but not least, the shoes – love at first sight. I love the mixture between a classic boot and a more sporty variation of it. The shoes keep you warm as the wool cap does and that’s just the perfect solution for the upcoming months. 

Are you ready for the colder days? How are you going to handle the winter fashion-wise?

Take care & write you soon…



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