I’m walking on sunshine...

Outfit: Adidas Originals

…and don’t it feel good? We all know this lovely feel-good song. Even listening to it on a rainy day makes you feel happier. Now the song matches even better. March has arrived, and it feels great to catch some sun from time to time. No matter if it’s for a coffee break or after work in the evening.

With the warmer season, it’s time to say goodbye to winter boots and the thick jackets. And I’m not that sad about it. I do prefer the days when you can leave your home in a sweater or even t-shirt and come back this way without thinking about temperature drops. Or about a sudden snowfall and wearing the wrong shoes.

Spending time at the lake is one of the most beautiful things to do here in Zurich. I would recommend it to everyone – but preferably not on a sunny Sunday. Enjoying a break is an aspect of free time and quality time. Having some minutes just for you or having a coffee with a friend while sitting by the lake makes me feel good. It has some kind of calmness, especially when the sun is going down. The few minutes between the ongoing sunset and the darkness after it are always special. And many other people seem to enjoy it, too. I guess it is because sunsets and sunrises still have their magic. One day ends, another one starts, the world keeps spining, no matter what.

Outfit: Adidas Originals

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