I’m sitting here…

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…not in a boring room but on a lonely stairs but still being happy. The song “Lemon Tree” of Fool’s Garden is coming to my mind so often. And I think, you all know the song. As soon as someone starts to sing the first line “I’m sitting here in the boring room…” everyone is singing along.

And once again it came up my mind this time when I was shooting the pictures for this blog post. I was there sitting on these lonely stairs and I was singing along. Yes, in these moments my photographer has got some problems with being serious and not to burst into laughter. It's getting really tough, if other people are passing by and wonder where the singing comes from. Honestly, I am not a really good singer, although I would love to sing like a superstar.

Anyhow, what I was trying to say is that I like the message of the song very much. If you have a closer look on the lyrics it is saying that you can sit somewhere all alone, in a boring room, where nothing is going while being unhappy with the situation and get isolated. But it doesn’t bring you out of this situation or change something, not at all. So, what you have to do is to go out, take your life at hand, create good and memorable experiences and be responsible for your own happiness. No one else, nor a place is it.

Therefore, even if you’re in an unlikely situation try to put your coolest sunglasses on and afford to smile. Stand tall, go out and create good memories instead of sitting lonely on the stairs.

In that sense and with all the good vibes, I hope you’re enjoying a wonderful weekend with many inspiring encounters.

Take care & write you soon…



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