I’m not addicted to coffee...

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...we’re just in a committed relationship. Funny quote I’d say and not that wrong. You all know I’m a coffee lover and I like to write lifestyle blog posts about the latest trends, special usages of coffee. So whenever there’s something new to test about coffee as a blogger, I’m the man. Even if we all know that too much coffee is not healthy but addictive. But in my opinion, nothing is healthy when you get a daily overdose of it. Not even salad only. Pick your favorite coffee, try new ones from time to time and just enjoy 2-3 cups a day.

This time – it’s all about the new Philips coffee machine series 5000. I’ve had the opportunity to join the interesting and well-planned blogger event some weeks ago and afterwards I’ve tested the machine at home. Keep reading this blogpost to find my impressions and tips about this machine and coffee itself.

“The event was totally interesting and inspiring and I discover some unknown skills regarding coffee”

The event itself was really inspiring and got us to know a lot about coffee. With the multiple world champion and barista star Emi Fukahori (founder of MAME café in Zurich) we’ve had the best teacher we could think of. With her open attitude and her infectious passion about coffee, we’re really started to get into the profession ourselves. We’ve learned how to use our sense of smell and taste the right way and afterwards we were almost specialists in coffee. It was interesting to smell, taste and try the different kinds of coffee beans and flavors. By then, I didn’t know that there are so many different types of coffee’s from all over the world. But in the end, I find out that I wasn’t that bad in guessing the right flavors of the coffee beans. I might consider to become a barista for my next career. No, just joking.

“The handling of the fully automated coffee machine only seems difficult at first sight”

Now at home, I was wondering about the new machine. The buying process to get a fully automated coffee machine, which is rather expensive compared to the cheap capsuled machines, is therefore much longer process. Glad I had the opportunity to test the machine at home. The handling was not that difficult as expected. With the included instruction it shouldn’t be a problem at all. However, everyone knows how men act: We do try first before we read the instructions. And even doing it this way, it works as you can see on the photos.

“It’s worth to invest some amount of time to get your perfect coffee!”

The Philips series 5000 persuades through the intuitive use of the machine as well as the quality of the coffee. Try five different kinds of coffee from fresh beans as well as fresh milk with pushing the button for Espresso, Latte Macchiato, Cappuccino, etc. Yes, you need a bit more knowledge and time about making coffee than using capsules. You need to test to know which beans you want to try and how to make the coffee even more delicious or special for your own taste. But as we turned lazy in some parts of our life I don’t see a reason why we should not try to make better coffee by ourselves. You can change attributes as for example the strength of the coffee/espresso, the temperature and the amount to get YOUR favorite coffee. Like this, it is even an advantage to have this kind of freedom to “mix” your own coffee instead of using finished capsules you either like or don’t like but you cannot change them anyway.

There you can see, having a fully automated coffee machine working with beans gives you some advantages over the capsuled ones. I think the freshness of the coffee and the ability to adjust the attributes for your personal perfect coffee is unbeatable. And once set up it is so easy to handle. And what I do love additionally as a cappuccino lover is the own milk shaker with which you can easily add the perfect milk cream to your coffee.

“After setting up the machine their usage is easy and it is so much fun to create different coffee variations”

The Philips series 5000 is easy to handle, has many options and settings to get your daily coffee right the way you want to. And with its integrated AcquaClean it is ensured that you always have fresh water which is important for a tasty coffee and this for up to 5000 cups of coffee without descaling.

“The machine is recommended by baristas. Why? Just because taste is king, that also counts for coffee”

And the machine is also recommended by baristas because of the reason that you can adjust the amount of coffee, water and milk to brew your coffee. And nothing beats fresh beans to get the real coffee experience. Don’t you agree? I think that’s the main reason why baristas prefer to work with that kind of machines over the capsuled ones.

“The cleaning process is easy and therefore no excuse even if you don’t like cleaning at all”

The cleaning process of the machine may look more complicated as for the other machines. And it’s clear why. You’ve got different containers – the one for the beans, for the milk, the water container and the one where the rest of the beans leave its spoors. But all in all, it’s a simple process and you just need to do it. And as mentioned with the AquaClean technology you can enjoy more cups of coffee without descaling than comparable products offer.

“Delicious coffee recipe, perfect for the hot summer days!”

And since we have talked about the handling let’s see now what else we can do with the basis of the 5 different coffees in case you’re bored with the classical ones. The internet is full of creative ideas, so I just want to give you some of my insights and one of my favorite coffee recipe:

For the sweets lovers out there: Make a classic coffee, combine it with strawberry puree, some cream and ice cubes – and you’ve got your refreshing and delicious drink for hot summer days.

I think, all you have to do now is to try it on your own. It’s totally worth it!

Coffee Machine: Philips Series 5000

Take care, enjoy your coffee & write you soon…



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