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Watch: FossilQ

As smart as you or even smarter than you? The answer doesn’t really matter anyway. The trend seems to stay for a while. And it’s not only a tech trend anymore. It seems that the fashion tech trend has arrived a while ago. I can’t even count the brands, which are continuing the trend and try to put some new innovations in their own wearable. On the one hand we’ve got the tech giants like Apple, Pebble, Samsung, Sony, which are already focusing on fashion as well. And on the other hand we’ve got the classic fashion/jewelry brands like Hugo Boss, Swarovski and Fossil who are focusing on rather chic than geek options. Just taking Fossil as an example, they’ve announced to launch 100 wearables this year from eight of its fashion brands.

If you have a look at the different styles of the products from all the different brands, you see that there’s no end, no limitations when it comes to creativity and beauty. The products can be worn as a general watch or even as a necklace or brooch. There are different components in terms of wood, LED screens, silver chains, leather, metal, sparkle or even kind of friendship bracelets, which are sending light pattern messages when your friend is nearby. It’s crazy, but just another logical step in the whole tech industry.

So what are these watches able to do? There are differences in terms of the screen. We can decide whether we like the classical hybrid watch or the touch screen. There are different fonts, colors, designs, forms and so on. You can choose your sound, check your e-mails and Whatsapp, and you’ve got your alarm clock. Or if you need the watches especially for sport, you’ve got a detailed tracking device on your wrist for 24/7. The list is long, but I think you’re already familiar with that.

I’m wondering where the whole watch industry is heading. Will there still be any “regular” watches on the market in a few years? Or are we all just wearing the “friendship watches” which will connect us even more than social media already does? We will see!

Watch: Fossil Q (available at the web shop of Manor.ch. With the discount code: FOSSILXMAS5 you will get 10% off on all Fossil products)

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