I ain't no superstar, but…

Outfit: Adidas Originals

…I just love to wear them. Them? Yes, it’s about shoes and well I’m sure, you all know I’m talking about Adidas, don’t you? I don’t think that there’s any other shoe out there that has got that name. It’s incredible when you’re thinking about the whole Superstar era and its cult status for many years.

Starting in 1970 as the first basketball shoes in leather becoming soon a top seller with more or less 75% of the NBA players wearing the shoes within the first years. Then established in the 80s with its own song in the Hip Hop Olympus (“My Adidas” by Run DMC in 1986). And today it’s just the one pair of shoes so many men and women are still wearing.

I’ve started with my first (white) pair when I was a teenager. And I’ve been through many models and color variations of them until this moment. From white/black to black/white to black/black or white/white and sometimes with colored stripes. I just love the kind of simplicity of this shoe. And it seems to prove to be king. The best thing about these shoes is just the opportunity to combine them with every outfit you can think of and it just matches. If you’re going for a sporty casual Adidas outfit to focus on the details (as shown in the pictures) or if you’re combining the shoes with a suit, or simply jeans and a shirt. You’re always dressed in a short amount of time as the shoe fits to every occasion.

Let’s see for how many more decades these shoes are going to be available in the shops all over the world. I don’t see any end now and I just enjoy some pairs more of these good one

Outfit: Adidas Originals

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