I wish I could do...

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…an entire spa day. As you all know, this week’s topic is about relaxation, focusing on yourself, get some energy. I can’t remember the last time I’ve really spent on just doing spa – all day long, until your skin feels crumpled. Usually, I’ve got the opportunity to visit some beautiful spa’s, then it is either about photo shoots and campaigns or my work for Instagram and the blog.

I believe we often forget to relax. Not just for 5 minutes during a quick break. I’m talking about deep relaxation. Doing nothing, disconnect from all the social media, start to hear our own voice again. We kinda prefer to rush from one project into another, just to ignore all of it and get further, busier, more successful, richer. But we see that our body always sends us some signals. It would be the right moment to catch a heavy flu, there’s a lot of stress everywhere before Christmas, even if the whole idea behind it is clearly not stressful at all.

Therefore, I’m planning to take a few days off soon to focus on just relaxing in a spa. And by then, I’ll leave my smartphone in the room and my statement will be: No pictures, please! Promised.

Location: Thermalbad & Spa, Zurich

Take care & write you soon…



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